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Unify your existing payrolls

As1® is a world-class automated solution that connects your HRIS, other data sources and payroll systems or providers allowing you to manage your payrolls as one.

Your data sources.
Your payroll systems.
ONE solution.

The Challenge

Centralized HRIS and employee data systems versus payroll spread across multiple countries leads to a complex ecosystem of managing data exchange and aligning processes.

This chaos results in 60% of multinational companies unable to get basic reports out of their systems, and 40% inadequate to provide valuable insights to their C-level teams.

Global Payroll Evolution

Over time, the global landscape developed from decentralized HR systems and processes handled ‘in country’ to centralized HR and finance systems alongside multiple local payroll solutions. The many-to-many integrations are not only complicated to implement but also difficult to maintain.

Back to Basis

Computing payroll follows the same process around the world. Compute compensation data, calculate deductions, pay employees, and ensure statutory reporting and compliance. Local legislation and compliance vary, but the high-level payroll categories, deductions and contributions for each country follow the same logic.

This allows for unification and alignment — made possible by As1®.

As1® The Future of Global Payroll


End the chaos of aligning all data, processes, local payrolls and consolidating results


Connect all your systems and providers from each country for a unified single source of payroll truth


The hidden cost of payroll is in data gathering, validation and preparation. Now it’s time to ease your heaviest payroll burden

As1® Brings Simplicity to the Chaos

  • As1® handles the import, management, and export of any payroll-related data
  • Automatically transform and validate payroll transactions to ensure compliance with corporate business rules
  • Standardize and secure data transfers between all payroll data sources, payroll providers and systems
    (Over 50 different major local and global payroll providers have already been integrated with As1®)
  • Get centralized view of all payroll operations
  • Produce accurate global reporting, regardless of the varying payroll systems & currencies
  • Provide real-time information to managers about their workforce

Global Payroll Operating in Harmonic Unity

HR Data Sources Interfacing
Allows you to capture and store all compensation data in a unified manner

Pre-payroll Orchestration
Thanks to low code, no code, Workflow builder allows for the automation of the base payroll data validation and transformation

In-country Payroll systems or provider’s automatic feeding
Ensures data flows securely and timely to each country system or provider

Global calculation + reporting + posting
With a unified payroll database, accurate global reporting and extra calculations like accruals are simple and straightforward

Guaranteed thanks to a global view of all local data and results

Payroll Gross-to-Net collection + Consolidation
Storing local gross-to-net results ensures an accurate and complete unified database

Only As1® allows you to put to work any HRIS and any data system with any payroll provider

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A Secure, Open and Reliably Powerful System

Proven, reliable and mature solution

Scalable to hundreds of thousands of employees spanning hundreds of legal entities and countries

World-class proprietary cloud-based technology

Data security, data protection, GDPR compliant

Track record of successful implementations

All-inclusive top-quality support

We believe in bringing simplicity to the chaos that exists within multinational payroll systems. As1® delivers a unified global payroll without disruption.

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Non-intrusive, non-disruptive, and open to any existing payroll system or provider in place.

Choose your preferred HRIS and Payroll systems or providers

As1® can integrate bi-directionally with any HRIS, external payroll data sources, and payroll vendors as opposed to closed proprietary vendor solutions.

APPLIC8’s proprietary technology allows the creation of a Global Compensation Tree capable of absorbing and consolidating gross-to-net results from any payroll vendor or system.

Easy to change local payroll system or provider without disrupting operations

It’s easy to change your payroll in countries without disrupting operations. If you need to switch payroll providers or systems, you can easily swap out the integration with As1® with minimal impact.

As1® = As One

One Unified payroll process

All the steps needed to process every country’s payrolls in one place, all with the same workflow. Never miss a deadline, and be on top with the status of your payrolls. Align your payroll operations reducing the effort required to process the payroll and increasing the time available between payroll cycles.

One Global Payroll Compensation Tree

Instead of having different payroll structures per country in foreign language, As1®‘s proprietary global compensation tree provides uniform visibility. This allows for facilitated reviews, increased efficiency, and reduced errors

One High security standard

We meet and exceed our clients’ rigorous data security requirements — some of the most stringent in the world. You benefit from a myriad of security features, including multi-factor authentication, encryption-at-rest, and encryption-in-transit to name a few.

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