HR Payroll is a complete payroll solution — powerful, efficient and perfectly suited to your needs. A challenging task, but one that we successfully meet head-on, according to our clients.


  • Complete customizable, multilingual, central payroll management
  • Permanent updating, along latest current Swiss standards, under Applic8 supervision
  • Task automation and programmed alerts, with internal monitoring and integrated reminders
  • All types of statistical output, lists, comparisons and reports
  • Optimized payroll management thanks to integrated coherence testing
  • Technical support included
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In daily use

Our application allows you to use your own, even complex, calculation methods, through an easy, intuitive interface. Salary disbursements in Switzerland or elsewhere, in single or multiple currencies, with Swiss employees, cross-boarders or ex-pats, in a process you can monitor at all levels in total confidentiality. You may also opt to let us manage those tasks by choosing our Payroll Outsourcing services.


  • Multilingual software (FR/EN/DE/IT), with individual-user-selectable interface language
  • Full internationality to Full Localisation, with salary payment slips configurable for any language
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface, with direct access to database information
  • Open, unlimited solution compatible with all types of compensation, complex enterprises, subsidiaries, multiple currencies, and individual Swiss cantonal regulations.
  • Powerful calculations for the following models: source-deducted income tax, true retroactive calculation, gross versus net calculations, etc. (Speciality terms here with which I am not totally familiar, unfortunately. Please double-check.)
  • Simplified management of specific accounting issues such as stock options, ESPP salary certificate annexes, etc.
  • Management of holiday time credits, overtime hours, bonuses and annual bonus salary (13th salary payment)
  • Fully compatible with financial, analytical accounting software as well as time and HR management programs (all formats)
  • Data encryption for your security, with access rights management (read/write) down to field level granularity.
  • Swissdec Certification
  • A solution fully compatible with other Applic8 modules, HR Finance software in particular