A solution which allows your staff, in 60+ countries worldwide, to forward requests for time off or holidays, to view available time usage and credit, to update personal information and to consult their e-payslips and HR documents.


  • Fully personalized configuration for any organization, company or business
  • Automatic, dynamic and seamless data and information updating
  • Complete and detailed overview of employee time off, holiday and overtime figures
  • Easy access to all short and long-term absence documents
  • Output of statistical figures, lists or reports, to assist in management responsibilities
  • Live company employee register, including presence reporting, dates off and back-to-work information
  • Flexible, quick and adaptable
  • Online assistance
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In daily use

Whether your company is a Swiss SME or an international corporation, you have access to a fully dedicated and secure platform over which your staff can request time off or holidays, consult their own time management statements, or review their own personal calendar or that of their colleagues. Their supervisor is informed of any request, checks the full departmental calendar and the employee’s own, then approves or rejects the request. The employee is then advised directly regarding the decision. You also can make available, according to configurable permission structures, a selection of HR documents such as salary statements and certificates, payslips, source-deducted income tax figures, etc. As Director of HR, you can also keep watch on long or short-term absenteeism, and manage related documents, online.


  • A simple and intuitive platform dedicated to managing staff time, holidays, time off and sick leave.
  • Integration of your validation processes
  • Full compatibility with existing time management and access control software
  • Management of staff overtime, compensated or remunerated, as well as increases
  • Management of part-time personnel, including proportional holiday time allowances
  • Termination-of-employment simulations, leftover holiday time and other allowances
  • Employee self-service area (access to online documents, address or bank information changes, etc.)
  • Online management of all work leave documents, medical or accident certificates, etc.
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Online Applic8 support for your entire staff
  • Full integration with entire Applic8 product line