With a single application, define, plan, manage and monitor budgets, as well as simulate investment projects related to your global payroll


  • Simple and straightforward control of payroll budget
  • Full process overview for easier allocation of set budgetary portions (or shares, or slices)
  • Complete transparency of data structures
  • Handover of planned and allocated budgets to department supervisors
  • Reporting, statistics, simplified importing and exporting of data
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In daily use

You easily establish your payroll budget targets and inform your various department managers responsible for a set component of your overall operational payroll budget. Once validation has been confirmed, the budget is approved, provided and locked. From then on, you can monitor in real time the relationship between salaries actually paid out, and budgeted figures. Any divergence is easily spotted on a branch, department, pay sector or personal basis. HR Finance also allows you to simulate the impact of any reduction or augmentation of your overall payroll costs, staff numbers, etc. A simple but powerful solution, especially when used in partnership with HR Payroll.


  • Management, validation, payroll budget overview
  • Fully configurable budgetary forecasting
  • Total integration with HR Payroll software and calculation models already in place
  • Integrated validation process based on company organizational chart
  • Instant appraisal, on a company, department, person or section basis