The HR Cloud™ Company

In 2000 Applic8 has developed the first Cloud solution for managing payroll in Switzerland. Today we keep using the latest technologies to optimize HR administration and to provide our clients, multinational and local companies, with a net advantage.

Life made simple

Born with the emergence of new technology, we believe that the best technology is that which truly serves mankind. We join the latest technologies and HR principles to deliver tailor-made solutions which allow you to work simply and efficiently.

Applicability without compromises

Applic8 develops intuitive, flexible and immediately applicable solutions, geared toward maximum efficiency. Remaining “applicable” is one of our commitments, as we strive to bring flexible and up-to-date solutions that follow our clients. They are then free to develop their business in greater serenity.

One price, all included

We are practical, and not only in our applications; in our relations, too. We therefore practice an all-inclusive model. One-stop solutions complete with support, updates and maintenance, without hidden additional charges. Along the same line, we offer a simple, transparent unit-pricing scheme compatible with the evolution and growth of your organization.


From the onset of our collaboration, we put all our energy into understanding and satisfying your needs. Year after year, our motivation persists, to follow your business and provide simpler and even more effective solutions.

Vigilant and trustworthy

Manage your HR in complete confidence. Handle all your data with top efficiency. Keep an eye on costs. Make changes in parameters, data and information. We are always there within reach, to help you configure and fine tune applications. Our support service comes to you at no additional cost, and our contracts are transparent and extensible, to grow along with you.


The security of your data is as important to us as is the strength of our collaboration. All Applic8 solutions access is fully secured and your data continuously backed up to a second physical location. Our staff is selected and trained to handle highly sensitive data. All measures are taken to ensure the maximum security of all your information, and Applic8 is fully compliant with the Federal Directive on the Protection of Data (Swiss Federal Law dated 19 June 1992).

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A contract made simple

Responding to your needs

  • We develop solutions and services to meet the needs of our clients, and nothing less
  • We offer professional and pragmatic services and support
  • We guarantee confidentiality and security in the handling of all data entrusted to us

Simply put…

  • We prepare estimates and contracts on a custom basis, flexible into the future
  • We honour our engagements in terms of price and quality
  • We favour an all-inclusive approach to pricing
  • Our rates are clear and unequivocal

We stand behind you

  • We help clients to remain competitive and build on their success
  • We regularly check with our clients to ensure their continued satisfaction
  • We preserve our high level of quality through regular process certification