HR Workflow is a simple, modular solution to automate and oversee HR activities and task management


  • All HR processes are centralized and accessible to authorized personnel
  • With a single click, you can launch a process and follow its progress until completion
  • Every staff member linked to the process is automatically advised of his responsibilities
  • You save precious time, as notifications include all information necessary to the proper completion of a given task
  • Progress of individual responsibilities and completed tasks can be checked at any time
  • You keep full control over the process, from start to finish.
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In daily use

Using HR Workflow, you establish the exact set of procedures to be followed, for example, welcoming a new team member. The IT supervisor must create a new e-mail address and assign a portable computer to the newcomer, while general services must provide a work badge or name tag, and HR declare the start of his employment to the unemployment insurance and state pension authorities, as well as the retirement fund.

With a few clicks, you configure the procedure and launch its action. Every department involved is notified and a feedback system set up to warn you when the assigned tasks have been completed, and to generate any required documents. As Director of HR, you have a full overview of all aspects of these activities, their planning, details and when and by whom they were handled.


  • The integration of any HR process
  • Progress overview of all activities included in a particular, established process
  • Completion checklist and item release according to pre-set validation parameters
  • Automated and targeted broadcasting of all information relative to a particular task or process