Highly-specific report production is integrated into each module of the Applic8 HR Suite. But should you wish to convert specific data sets into dynamic dashboards, HR Dashboards is the solution for you.


  • Define and create exactly the dashboards you need
  • Draw on the very latest statistics, according to your specific requirements
  • Rremain confident that all dashboards created utilize the very latest data in the HR Suite environment
  • Optimize presentation output of your HR data
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In daily use

You create your own reports using data drawn from the modules of the Applic8 HR Suite that are installed (HR Payroll, HR Intranet, HR Base) and convert them into dashboards best suited to how you wish to view the results, in line, bar, column or pie-chart format. The process gives you a clear, easy to understand, real-time analysis of your data. Since all HR Suite modules run online, your reports are constantly and dynamically updated, and your dashboards will mirror the latest changes and conditions.

For instance, you can set up dashboards to show staff presence statistics (number of absentees, rates of absenteeism, days missed, by individual, by department, by type of absence, etc.) or pure HR statistics (staff turnover, gender equality figures, by department, average length of stay, seniority, age groups, etc.).


  • Fully customizable along client needs
  • Data can be output into any type of graphic diagram
  • Data references are dynamic and continuously updated
  • HR Dashboards is compatible with every other module in HR Suite by Applic8
  • Dashboard creation is simple, intuitive and practical