At last, a full HR-XML compliant HR database suited for both 40-person SMEs and multinational companies with thousands of employees.


  • Centralization of full HR data
  • Compatibility with your current organization charts
  • Instant access to job descriptions
  • Simpler management of press and newspaper advertising
  • E-filing and document storage along existing company-standard nomenclature
  • Simplified organization of employee work permits
  • World standard database structures
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Manage cost-centers, positions, employee personal data and all your HR documents. HR Base is an application with a very intuitive and highly-customizable interface, to match your specific requirements.

In daily use

You build your HR structure according to the various units and positions within your organization, and associate them with specific members of your staff. The process automatically links each employee with the full data set relative to his/her position. Complete HR details, structure and organizational charts are managed from a central and intuitive interface.

Specific skills for a given position, an individual employee’s work, training or professional history, or his exact position in enterprise hierarchy—everything is handled clearly by HR Base.


  • All HR information on a single, central database
  • Full compatibility with current IT solutions and software (web services, interfaces)
  • Flexibility thanks to the dynamic integration of organizational charts of any level of complexity
  • Full document, e-filing and archive management
  • Customizable overviews along specific needs (cost analyses, functional and/or operational structures, by department, by service, matrix, staff-line, etc.)
  • Accessible from any workstation with internet access, anywhere around the world, at any time.